Plaça del Priorat, 7, 43379 Escaladei


Carrer Sant Miquel, 53 TER, 43373 Cabacés

Family tradition at the service of quality.


Our family



Our passion for olive cultivation comes from a long time ago, but it wasn't until 2006 that we thought we needed to take a step further. We had heard the grandfathers say that the oil from that land in the mountain or that another on the plains had different characteristics, curiosity gain us and in 2008 the first oil came out from our mill.

Carrying out this project has been a great sacrifice for our family, but also an illusion that is still alive and we want you to be part of it. We like you to visit us, we like to welcome you home and share our passion with you.

Fernando, Neus, Ricard, Montserrat, Josep Ramon, Anna, Martí, Guillem, Montsant and the Ariadna, three generations who want to continue to love the lands where their ancestors left their skin and who do not want to lose their roots. 


Everything starts on land



Between precipices and mountains in the beautiful region of Priorat is the village of Cabassers, at the foot of Montsant, surrounded by springs and with a long history, which goes back to the time of the Arabs and who knows if the Romans. Our family has deep roots in this area where, for more than 10 generations, they have been cultivating and loving this land.

This is a rough, mountainous land, difficult to cultivate, but which knows how to reward you for the effort you put into it. The production of olive oil begins in the land: the earth and the Sun give to the olives everything they need. It is up to us to accompany this whole process, respecting the tradition and customs that have been taught to us, so that the oil obtained is a faithful expression of this land.



Faithful to a tradition



In this very hard land, surrounded by precipices and mountains, our ancestors had to work hard to survive. With their persistence and sacrifice they knew how to tame these wild places and they knew how to get the best out of them. They knew these landscapes well and knew how to prune in order to have good fruit, when it should rain so as not to lose the harvest, whether it should be plowed or fertilized and when it should be done. A relationship of love to the earth that we wanted to continue to dignify as much as we could with its final product, olive oil. With the new technologies we don't want to forget what those who preceded us taught us, but we want to do it just as well but with more possibilities.

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